African Wildlife Foundation


Identity design





African Wildlife Foundation was in need of a sleek, modern identity that would entice people to donate their money and/or their time while conveying the professionalism and legitimacy of their organization. The African Wildlife Foundation is an international conservation organization focused solely on Africa. For over 50 years they have worked with governments, organizations, and people to protect endangered species. Their core value is ensuring that wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. According to their 2016 Annual Report, almost 90% of their revenue is spent on programming, so they rely heavily on donations. 

Identity System:

The logo for the African Wildlife Assocation went through 15 or so iterations before this version was created. I spent weeks combing the A, W, and F in every way possible and finally landed on this abstracted version of an elephant. I chose this mark because it contains the letters of the organization, but not in an obvious way. It also symbolizes the most popular and well-known animal they work towards protecting. 

Preferred Lock-up



Alternate Lockup #1

Alternate Lockup #2


Avenir Next Medium

Avenir Next Light

Color Palette